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20 Miles Per Week Challenge


These sneakers got me through my second half-marathon about a year ago. Probably time to get some new ones, but I love them 🙂

So I follow this wonderfully inspirational woman on Facebook – she goes by “Sexy Mother Runner.”  Don’t you just love her handle?

Anyway, occasionally she issues health and fitness challenges and I’ve taken her up on a few. Last month was a grueling daily squat challenge. I surprised myself at how many I was able to do. Some days it was 75 squats, other days it was 150…I figured out early on to space them out throughout the day so I wasn’t doing 100 squats at once. Same effect, but less tension on my knees. Anyway, I did get some unsolicited compliments from my husband about my…um…back side…which made that task MORE THAN WORTH IT.

This month, she issued a challenge to log 20 miles per week. It can be biking, walking, running, hiking – whatever. I signed up for the challenge even though after the first week I realized I’d fell short of 20 miles.

Not making excuses. I could have / should have gotten out there more. We had to go to Florida to pick up my older daughter, who spent a few days with my sister. My little one and I flew while my husband made the drive from Jersey to Florida. It was long days in the airport and waiting for him to arrive. Lack of sleep and 100% humidity got the best of me. However, I did post two (short) runs in the blistering Florida heat. So here’s where I’m at currently:

TOTAL FOR FIRST WEEK OF JULY: About 14.7 miles. This is a combination of regular walking and dedicated running. I wore my FitBit and used the end of the day totals to compute my weekly mileage. Not bad for traveling, but still short of the goal. I probably could have run a greater distance in Florida if the humidity hadn’t been so bad. Oh well. Week one – done.

TOTAL FOR SECOND WEEK OF JULY: 22.43 miles. Woohoo! I’m inclined to think it’s a little higher than this, since there was one day (Monday) where I didn’t have my FitBit on. So for that day I only clocked the distance that I ran, which was four miles. I’m fairly certain my regular walking activities would have added at least another mile or so -but still. I’ll take the total. I’m pleased that I actually ran four miles on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Kind of slacked off on Friday and Saturday, but my FitBit tracked every movement and pushed me over the top.

So now it’s on to Week 3. I’ve done nothing yet today, but we’re headed to our local gym later on, so I’ll run then. We are lucky to have a great gym with a fabulous child play area and an outdoor pool. Goal for today? Four miles. Got to start the week off right 🙂


Getting to this gloriously tall tree was my goal on my super hot Florida run last week. Damn was it hot.


  1. You go girl! I’m signed up to run a half marathon in less than 3 weeks and I need to get some miles in. You’ve inspired me to…well…at least not be lazy this week!

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