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A New Challenge: #RWRunStreak

11224812_408135276058363_7373867020888507875_nBecause it’s been at least six months since my last run.

Because I like the way I feel after a run (not necessarily during a run).

Because I would kind of like to do another race.

Because I feel squishy.

Because I wore a bikini over Memorial Day weekend and I’d like to wear one again.

Because I really like cookies. And chips. And ice cream. OMG.

Because work has increased for me and while I’m grateful, exercise has not been a priority.

Because 41 days of continuous running – from Memorial Day to Fourth of July – is a good way to build a habit. (even though I missed the first two days because I was traveling)

Because running at least one mile per day is totally doable.



On Writing

Any writer worth their salt has read this book. It was written by William Zinsser, who died today at the age of 92 ~ what a good, long life!

I read his phenomenal best-seller, “On Writing Well”, years ago. In fact, I checked it out of the library repeatedly for years. Why I never bought a copy of my own is a mystery.

20150513_222130But a few years ago, my cousin sent me the newly revised book and I couldn’t have been happier to finally have this book permanently on my bookshelf.

His greatest lessons?

Write simply.

Write succinctly.

Don’t use jargon or unnecessarily large words.

Choose descriptive words.

At his urging, I’ve been trying to stop using the words “very” and “really.” I mean, c’mon. There are so many better words, right?

He was a brilliant man and an exceptional writer whose words helped others find their own. I’m still learning from him. I’m proud that my copy has dog-eared pages and notes scribbled in the margins.

Thank you, Mr. Zinsser.

On My Shoulder Is The Best

When she falls asleep on my shoulder.


This is THE BEST.

I Heart Khalil Gibran

Your joy is sorry unmasked.

Jumping The Fence and Meeting the Neighbors

It’s starting to feel more like home every day.

Hard to believe we’ve only been here for just over four months. Some days it seems like longer. Other days it feels like we’re just visiting. But we’re getting into our own groove and that includes starting to meet some of our neighbors.

Little one stayed home from preschool today due to a runny nose and scratchy throat. Allergy season in Delaware is killing us. She seemed tired this morning and just couldn’t muster the energy for school. So, here we are. Of course, now that we’re home she’s perfectly fine. But who knows. I guess she just needed some quiet time at home.

We walked out on our deck and listened to the birds sing and watched them swoop gracefully over the tall grasses beyond our backyard. Our yard still has some black plastic fencing because it hasn’t been seeded yet. We haven’t ventured beyond the fencing, but just on the other side is the beginnings of what will be a golf course. And there is a pond filled with croaking frogs and fish. And did I mention bunny rabbits? Holy cow. I’ve never seen so many bunnies. We’ve easily seen five to seven each week scampering through the neighborhood.

But today, as we stood on our deck, a neighbor we’d not met yet waved to us. My little one waved back and he said, “It looks like one of the turtles from the pond made his way into my yard – would you like to see it?” So of course we hurried over. Down the deck stairs, into the yard, and over the black fencing.

We introduced ourselves to “Sam”, our neighbor and then we crouched down to see this adorable little turtle.

20150506_115703Not sure if little one has really seen a turtle up close. She was fascinated. We stayed for a bit, she offered the little guy some leaves, and then we watched Sam carry the turtle back to the water’s edge. As we stood there we saw a little long-eared, brown bunny with a white fluffy tail scamper off into the tall grasses. Very cool.

It’s nice to finally meet our neighbors.

Even if some of them would rather hide in their shells. 🙂

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