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Month: July 2015

My New Hero

You guys. This woman is awesome.

You know when you have to do something really scary and confrontational and brave and you just wish you had some magic wand you could wave to make it all go away but it won’t because dammit you’re an adult and you should be able to do scary and brave things? And so you channel that inner voice to cheer you on and give you the strength that you didn’t think you had and then all of a sudden you’re doing that thing you didn’t think you could do?¬†She’s that voice. ¬†Only her actions meant risking her personal safety (and I’m not talking about the dangers of climbing flag poles). Imagine how many backwards-thinking, white people (who still think they have a chance at winning the Civil War) she pissed off with that one action? Bravery, personified.

Bree Newsome is the woman who scaled the flag pole and single-handedly removed the confederate flag. She is the physical manifestation of someone reaching their breaking point. Of course, she was arrested for her actions. She was prepared to go to jail. But not before her name was known and her picture was shared around the country and around the world. This woman is BAD. ASS.

I realize this event happened last week, so perhaps I’m a little late to the table. But the fact that there’s a debate going on today in South Carolina about the proposed removal of the confederate flag made me think of her and how she left her mark in our history books.

And her tweets yesterday and today? Perfection.

#MircoblogMondays: When We Cheer (And When We Don’t)

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We watched the Women’s World Cup last night and oh what a game. I admit I’m not much of a soccer-watcher. In fact, I’m more of a “oh, we’re in the finals and we just might win so let me jump on the bandwagon and also GO USA!” kind of person.

Anyway, here’s my thought: Wouldn’t it be great if the whole country cheered for marriage equality and civil rights in the same way we cheered in unison for the US Women’s Soccer team?

Consider Abby Wambach. Perhaps one of the greatest soccer players of our time – male or female. Strong, agile, smart, and a leader in every sense of the word. She also happens to be gay and some of the first images following her team’s spectacular win last night were of her embracing her wife.

I wonder how many people who were waving the American flag and shouting “U-S-A!” just minutes earlier were now cringing at the site of two women celebrating? My guess is quite a few, given the outrage following the Supreme Court’s recent decision on marriage equality.

Why do we celebrate athletic achievements with more collective enthusiasm and patriotism than a move toward greater equal rights for all? Is one somehow more patriotic than the other? And if so, I channel Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers when I say REALLY?!?

Seriously, though, there’s something about sports that unifies this country, don’t you think? It transcends everything and just lumps us all together as Americans. It’s a great feeling. I just wish that feeling of unity would translate into how we treat one another.


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