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Month: August 2016

Deep Greens and Blues

When I moved to Orlando permanently in the fall of 1991, I was 21 and sharing an apartment with other Disney cast members. The previous summer, I did the college program and when I returned home that September, I made the decision to move to Florida permanently within the year. I lived in Disney housing for a short while and then eventually found an apartment with some friends.

Deep greens and blues Hyundai Excel

Not my car, but wicked close.

My transportation was an old, red Hyundai Excel that barely got me from place to place (omg remember those? They were the first Hyundais, I believe). Of course, it had a standard tape deck and in the compartment between the driver and the passenger seats were the only cassette tapes I owned: Wilson Phillips’ debut album, “Wilson Phillips” – favorite song is Hold On. Elton John’s “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road” – favorite song is the title song. And, James Taylor’s Greatest Hits. I’d be hard-pressed to choose a favorite James Taylor song, but among my top three are: Fire and Rain, Up On the Roof, and Sweet Baby James. I played these three tapes until they wore out. And I knew every song by heart.

Music is powerful stuff. These three albums take me right back to the years between 1988 and 1991. I was still trying to figure everything out then and I guess this music, these artists, and their songs, sort of helped me along.

512sJmysGxLWilson Phillips’ song “Hold On” always makes me smile. No doubt because of the final scene in the movie Bridesmaids 🙂 but also because I remember turning the volume up and singing at the top of my lungs with my sunroof open (note: I felt particularly luxurious to have a sunroof!). I was making pitiful money at Disney and was lucky my car didn’t cause me more trouble than it did, because I couldn’t afford much. But Disney is where I wanted to work and Orlando is where I wanted to be and I could feel good things were coming. So, I just held on, like the girls in Wilson Phillips told me to do.

Elton John was another story altogether.

Back home, in late 1988 and all of 1989, I worked at the Disney Store at the Burlington Mall. Every night after we closed the huge glass doors at the entrance, the cashiers counted their money and the rest of us restocked, replenished, and cleaned everything. It took at least an hour, sometimes longer.

To help keep us awake, our manager brought in music. One of the tapes was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. We played that album over and over again every night for an entire month. I liked Elton John, but after that experience, I became a fan and decided I had to have a copy for my very own. Bennie and the Jets brings me right back to my 18 and 19-year old self rearranging the huge Plush Mountain of stuffed animals at the back of the Disney store.

And finally, there’s James Taylor. No finer, smoother voice in American music, right? I realize this particular Greatest Hits album (volume 1) came out when I was really young, but it’s still amazing. A quick Google search told me it’s his biggest selling album of his career. No surprise there. This is one album I can honestly say I know by heart. I played this tape constantly in my car to and from work and when one day the tape broke (omg) I ran out and bought a new one the exact same day at a rather seedy record shop on Orange Blossom Trail. (Don’t let the name fool you. Parts of OBT are icky.)

The first time I really listened to the lyrics of Sweet Baby James I immediately thought of my son. His eyes are a mix of deep greens and blues, as the lyrics go.

My eyes don’t have any blue in them; they’re more of a green/brown mix to create a hazel. The green intensifies depending on what I wear and what kind of makeup I might have on my eyes at the time.

My two girls both have green eyes, too. Just like my son. But it’s cool to me that all three of them have different hues. My older daughter has more of the hazel green like me. My younger daughter goes back and forth between a green and an aquamarine blue. I was curious about where my son’s eyes fall in the mix, so I texted him today asking if he would precisely describe the color of his eyes. (Not a strange request at all, right?)

He returned my text quickly and said his eyes are more of a blue/gray/green, but they change often depending on a number of external and internal factors.

I love that the four of us – my son, my daughters and me – all share this common bond.

So I take back what I said earlier. I guess I can pick my favorite James Taylor song.

#MicroblogMondays: Dentists, Drugs, and the HolyLand

Drugs aren’t all bad.

Ok yes they are. But for the purposes of this tiny post (I wrote tiny to remind myself to KEEP IT SHORT and SWEET) let me just say that the pain meds you get at the dentist’s office aren’t horrible. Yes I know people get addicted and drugs are bad and all that but hear me out.

I had the last two of my four wisdom teeth out in 1992 when I was living and working in Orlando. I asked a good friend of mine to be my “designated driver” since the dentist wouldn’t even do the procedure if there wasn’t someone waiting to drive me home. Apparently the drugs were straight up serious.

The dentist’s office was located in what is now the Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando. And the friend that I asked to drive me to and from my appointment was a fellow backstage studio tour guide and actor at Disney. Several years later, he would go on to play Jesus at the HolyLand.

And yours truly had a teeny crush on the future son of God.


In my drug-induced state, all I remember is that I may have gotten a little handsy with future Jesus and I let him know my feelings.

I know what you’re thinking. My gauzy, slightly bloody, drooling mouth was quite the turn on. How could future Jesus resist, right?

He was a perfect gentleman. Just as you might expect someone who would ultimately be seated at the right hand of … well, you know … to be.

We dated for three months.

And my mouth healed perfectly.

Because JESUS.


I’ve been writing a lot of heavy stuff lately. For work and also personally. In fact, the post I started on this site has been in draft form for a few weeks. Still just mulling things over and trying to make sense of my ramblings

(I just allowed myself to type -figuring I would worry about making sense of it all later.) I also just finished a pretty heavy book for the first meeting of our neighborhood book club.

So with all this heavy going on, I thought it might be nice to break it up with some flowers.

At Trader Joe’s today, little one helped me pick these out. We settled on Gerber daisies and sunflowers 🙂



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