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52 Weeks of Sisterhood: At The Table


2008, when my oldest daughter was 4 🙂

We’ve had this white “princess” table for years now. My folks gave it to my older daughter when she was about three years old.

She used to sit at that table and color or fingerpaint. She had mounds of construction paper and glue sticks and kid-size scissors and she’d use her imagination to create little masterpieces.

The table also served as her “office” when she got her Fancy Nancy telephone. An old clipboard from my office held all of her important papers. She would cradle the old-fashioned phone between her ear and her shoulder while she scribbled notes on her clipboard.

The table moved around our home in Syracuse – sometimes in our kitchen. Sometimes in the dining room. But always up against the wall so all of her important things wouldn’t fall off.

When little one came along, big sister was sometimes reluctant to give up total control of all of her things. Sharing became an important concept as we taught her that it was also OK to keep some things just for herself.


Taken just the other day

She eventually gave up total control of her “office” and made way for her sister to enjoy it as she had.

The table now sits in our kitchen and it really makes me smile when I see both of my girls sitting there. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, I just love that my three year old fits there perfectly, and if my ten year old scrunches up her knees a bit, she can sit there too.

They color with their crayons and markers or my little one will work in her kitchen and then serve us her PlayDoh creations. Sometimes they both sit and look out the window at the people below and wave (we are on the second story). Just the other day when I snapped this shot, the UPS guy came and the girls yelled “HELLO!” from the window. (Our UPS guy is pretty cool and always waves to the girls).

We’ll be moving in a couple of months and we’re all super excited about the change.

Not sure where the table will end up, but I know it will have a special place in the house for our girls.


  1. And you’re moving where???

  2. Isn’t it amazing how an object like a table can stir up so many emotions. I love that this princess table has been a lasting part of your family’s story and I hope you find the perfect spot for it in your new home.

  3. What a special picture of the two of them sharing the table; love it 🙂

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