Giving her little sister the lowdown on PreK.

There was a lot of cheering going on in our family this week. A lot of “firsts” to celebrate. My little one started a preschool program and my older daughter is now a fifth grader.

Little one had her orientation day last week and so my older daughter and I brought her to school to meet her teacher. She was so excited to see her classroom! Three of its four walls are windows so there is tons of light. Colorful decorations hang from the ceiling with pictures and words on them, like “tree”, “friend”, “house”, and “school.” In one corner, there’s a large round carpet and a small bookcase filled with all her favorites: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dr. Seuss, and books about the little bear named Corduroy. There is a pink and blue dollhouse set next to a red and white firehouse. And each kid has their own little hook and shelf for their belongings.

It’s everything preschool should be. In fact, little one received plenty of encouragement from her big sister who was all too eager to show her around. My girl wasn’t nervous at all. Even when her big sister and I left for a half hour so the teacher could meet with her class. As we were leaving, some other kids were having a hard time. Oh the screaming. But not my little monkey. Nope. She was having a ball.


This is one of big sister’s old backpacks and it’s way too big. But she doesn’t care. Its contents? A My Little Pony lunchbox. Because of course.

My older daughter started fifth grade this past week and to say she was excited would be putting it mildly. She awoke early, showered, dress, ate breakfast, and had her teeth brushed by 7:30. Note: the bus doesn’t come until 8:05.

She was the first one at the bus stop 🙂

But fifth grade wasn’t the only big deal this week. She also started her second year of cheerleading. After a month’s worth of practices, she and her squad kicked things off at the new field dedication and pep rally. It was a gorgeous night. The mayor was the emcee. Local politicians, ministers, and law enforcement were in attendance. Flags were flown for the first time over the new field and a ribbon cutting officially opened the field for the season.

The first game was the next day. Our team lost, but not for lack of effort. The boys played well and the girls cheered loudly and pretty much in sync with one another. I know it’s cliché, but I seriously can’t believe how fast she’s growing up. When we arrived at the field and were looking for her squad, I walked right past them because they looked too old. Too grown up. My husband stopped me and said, “Isn’t that her squad?”

Well, damn.

Where did all these long legs and pre-teen girls come from?

It was a good first week and a good way to start the school year. I’m proud of both my girls and I hope they make lots of sweet memories this year.


Ready for school. OMG they’re growing up.