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52 Weeks of Sisterhood: Faces and Places

We traveled back to Massachusetts for the week leading up to Easter and the timing was right to celebrate my girls’ birthdays. While they don’t actually share a birthday, the dates are within a couple weeks of each other. So if we’re visiting family it just makes sense to celebrate at the same time. Also, just one more reason to have CAKE! (which I did not even smell because of stupid Atkins. A post for another day.)

I especially like it when we can be around our extended family for one of the girl’s special days. We live a long car ride away (about five hours) from my family and a plane ride away from my husband’s family, my sister and my son. So special days are often just the four of us. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy our celebrations together. It’s just more fun for them if they can be surrounded by faces they don’t often see.

This trip involved a lot of doing things and going places:

  • Coloring Easter eggs
  • Riding scooters
  • Playing miniature golf on cool, windy New England days
  • Going for ice cream despite the cool air because ICE CREAM
  • A trip to the American Girl Doll store
  • And a night of bowling and pizza

It was a jam-packed week, for sure. But the best part was how many family members we saw on this trip. Cousins on both sides of my family, a large handful of aunts and uncles we haven’t seen in awhile, and we even got to see my husband for a couple of days. We went out there for my daughter’s spring break, and my husband just happened to be working in Portland Maine for the week.

When I think about my own growing up years it’s clear to me that my girls are experiencing something very different.

> I lived in the same house and never moved. My girls have moved once already and there may be a move in our near future.

> I saw virtually all of my relatives on every major milestone – birthdays, graduations, holidays. My girls do not always get the chance.

> It was a given that we’d all be together for Christmas. Now, it takes a few months of planning and deciding and ultimately, choosing where we’ll go. Or if we’ll stay at home.

Their reality is their normal. So I know it’s unfair for me to compare their growing up years to mine. I used to worry more about this, but lately I’ve come to realize that they remember more about their family after these visits. My three year old still talks about visiting her aunt in Florida more than a year ago. And my 10 year old can imitate her grandparents’ thick New England accents to a tee.

My husband and I definitely have a sense of wanderlust. And I’m thrilled our girls have inherited our love of travel and visiting new places.
But I’m also grateful for the faces we see along the way.

My girls and my mom

My girls and my mom






  1. Sweet. We moved home to the Midwest from Tennessee after our first was born just so they could be near their Grandparents. And now, we actually live in the same town as 3 of my brothers and my inlaws and I love how close my daughters are becoming with these people.

    • Kim

      May 9, 2014 at 1:22 pm

      Thanks for reading, Deborah! I wish we lived closer to our families, but we make the most of the times when we are together. Plus we Skype alot! Thanks again.

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