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52 Weeks of Sisterhood: Lots of Luck of the Irish

Today – St. Patrick’s Day – is a big day in our family. So much going on and right in the middle of it all is St. Patrick’s Day. A nod to the heritage on both my and my husband’s sides of our family.

My 5th grader is participating in the science fair at her school today. She’s been working hard with a friend from her class to demonstrate whether a can of Coke will float or sink in water compared to a can of Diet Coke. I’m really proud of her hard work.

Since we moved her a few months ago, she’s had a hard time finding her footing with friends and activities. A bout with strep throat and a ridiculous amount of snow days for a mid-Atlantic state that should be better prepared didn’t help with her acclimation. But despite her periods of sadness, she found something she was interested in. And so these last few weeks have been spent shuttling between a new friend’s house and ours to conduct the experiment, observe and record their findings, and create a tabletop poster for the fair. And also buying more Diet Coke as someone may have accidentally drank the subject of the experiment. And by ‘someone’ I mean me. #DietCokeAddict

So this morning she had to be at school early for chorus rehearsal. We loaded the car up with her project, her chorus notes, her backpack and her viola – because in addition to the fair and chorus, today is also the first day of rehearsals for the school orchestra!


She’s pretty excited about today.

Spoiler if you couldn’t guess: Diet Coke floats.


Little one came with me, of course. And she was super-excited to be in her big sister’s school. She gave her a big hug and kiss for good luck, we helped her set up her project, and then we headed out because it was also a big day for her!



I originally wanted to enroll her in a preschool program that would run parallel to traditional school hours. But there was only a part time program available. My business has grown and I’m busier than I’ve ever been. So rather than have it continue to spill over into my nights and weekends, I decided to supplement her part-time program with another part-time program. Will she get confused? Maybe. Does she love being with kids? Yup. Does she have any separation anxiety at all? Nope.

And so she’ll be attending a fabulous preschool program in town that comes highly recommended. It’s colorful and clean and friendly and I love it. And more importantly – so does she.

Today was her first day. She’ll be going for a few hours twice a week. Not a huge commitment, but just enough to let her meet more friends and have some fun while I work. This also lets me continue to enjoy the afternoons with her, as she gradually eases out of naps. Plenty of time for library and park visits and puzzles and coloring and stories.

I’m proud of our girls and how brave they’ve been during this whole move. I didn’t move as a kid, so I can’t relate. But I’m in awe of how they handle missing friends and making new ones with such ease. Luck o’ the Irish? Maybe.



  1. They look so sweet and happy. I can only imagine, though, the days that are tough for Olivia. Such a tough age. Love the Irish in their outfits and love your figurine – Nana’s?

    • Kim

      March 19, 2015 at 2:31 pm

      Thanks Carol. The little figurine belonged to someone…mom thinks it was mine, but I’m not sure. Either way, I’ve confiscated it 🙂
      Hope you had a good St. Patrick’s Day!

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