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52 Weeks of Sisterhood: Pretty Little Upside-Down Things

I stepped away from my simmering dinner pots on the stove to organize the photos cluttering up my hard drive. My lord. Talk about overwhelming. There are so many photos just randomly hanging out in my computer that I’ve forgotten when many were taken. Thank goodness they’re dated. I can’t even begin to think about the photos on my phone.

I began to cut and paste photos into folders when I came across some shots I’d taken last fall.

Before our move.

It was at one of our favorite parks on one of those last days of fall when the air grows colder by the minute and the sun fades quickly.


Both our girls have always loved playing at the park. Any park, really.

As per usual, they did it all that day: the swings, the monkey bars, the slides, the rock wall. But for my little one, it was her first attempt at hanging by her knees upside down just like her big sister does.

She grasped the bar (with a knowing smile because just a few short months ago she was just *this* far away from reaching the bar … she’s catching up to her big sister …) She swung a bit and then she leaned back, jumped her feet up, brought them between her hands, and swung her legs over the bar.



She did it.

Just look at that huge smile 🙂

Big sister was very proud of her and of course had to join in on the fun.

She’s an old pro at this.

Glad I found these photos. I remember taking them and thinking how pretty the sky was that evening.

Now that I look at them again, I’m struck at how pretty my girls are too. Even upside down.


  1. Such a nice, uneventful, carefree moment. Very nice.

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