As I sorted through the array of papers, notices and such that come home from school on a daily basis, I noticed my fourth grader cringing a bit. Clearly there was something she was nervous about.

And then I saw it.

Three stapled pages with the words: “THINGS THAT DRIVE ME NUTS!!!” on the cover. Did you notice the three exclamation points?


My curiosity piqued, I turned the page and discovered that the number one thing that drives my daughter nuts is her “annoying sister.”


Now, I totally understand sibling rivalry. Lord knows my sister and I had our moments when we were younger. But I’m working really hard to bridge the gap created by their seven year age difference. I don’t force them to play together, but I do insist that my little one be included in some of her big sister’s activities. Not all of them – but some.

For the most part, big sister is accommodating. Especially when it comes to sharing her American Girl Dolls. But she’s at that age where she craves her privacy sometimes. And I’m trying to teach my little one to respect that.

It isn’t always easy.

Their fights are epic.

But my husband and I always have them make up and give hugs and apologize if necessary.

And despite the annoyances that come with having a sibling, they still really love each other. How can I tell? Well, my little one has started getting out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and climbing into bed with her big sister.

And big sister doesn’t really mind.


Big sister doesn’t mind so much – but take notice of who has all the covers.