I used to love going to the car wash in our hometown when I was a kid. It was one long seemingly endless tunnel of suds and scrubbers and I thought it was AWESOME. It was a ride-through car wash and whenever we would go, our folks would tell us to hold up the roof so it wouldn’t cave in 🙂

The car wash was a weekly venture for us in the non-winter months, it seemed. A Saturday morning affair after cartoons and sugary cereal was consumed.

20140626_104802Last week I brought my girls to the local car wash. Side note: if there’s one thing this Boston girl has learned since living in New Jersey it’s that New Jerseyans take the cleanliness of their cars VERY SERIOUSLY. Who knew?

Anyway, there are some really fancy shmancy car wash places nearby. I chose the one closest to us. It was the kind where you get out of the car and watch it through a hallway of windows as it makes its way along the track. I have to admit I sort of miss being inside the car during the whole process. But my girls were fascinated to watch their car get the royal “bubble bath” treatment. They even waved to some of the attendants who were inside the car wash and noticed their eager faces pressed against the glass.

Yeah, I love the car wash. And I love Christina Aguilera’s rendition of the song. Can’t wait for my car to get dirty again. I’m gonna try to find a drive-thru car wash for our next visit. Hold up the roof!