Earlier this week, I had every good intention of writing about our movie-filled weekend. But all of a sudden it’s Friday and here I sit. What surprised me most about last weekend is how very lazy we were some of the time and how active we were some of the time. It was a good mix. May was a busy month so I think we were all enjoying some down time at home.

Our movie-watching megaweekend began last Friday night. Tired from the week, my husband and I climbed the stairs to the bedroom around 10:30. Side note: for the first time in our 16-year marriage we have a king size bed. I think we both dream about it during the day. It is so amazingly comfortable. How have we lived this long in just a queen-size bed? We feel like royalty.

Back to last Friday night.

As usual, we click on the TV to scan the channels and see what’s worth watching. We usually settle on sitcom reruns but tonight my husband found “Leap Year” on one of the movie channels without commercials. I love Amy Adams. In fact, two people have told me that my older daughter bears a bit of a resemblance to her. I’ll take it. She’s beautiful. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, it’s a great movie.

Quick summary: Woman travels to Ireland a few days before Leap Day to propose to her boyfriend who is there on business. She runs into tons of obstacles getting to where he is, and along the way meets another man who is helping her get to Dublin. Of course, without realizing it, she falls in love with this other man – but she doesn’t act on those feelings. She’s trying to complete the perfect picture in her head with her boyfriend. She meets up with him – and he surprises her with a marriage proposal. She accepts, but later learns her boyfriend only proposed because it “made sense and helped them get into the apartment they both wanted.” She realizes this relationship isn’t what she thought it was and so she leaves him and travels back to Ireland to the man she’d met on her journey.

It’s a sweet movie. We watched the whole thing and didn’t go to sleep until 1:30am. Totally worth it.

On Saturday, the four of us were super lazy. After breakfast and some Disney shows, we came across “Monsters University”. Such a cute movie and something we could all laugh along with. I remember when we saw it a few years ago when it first came out. We were all in Texas visiting family and it was godawful hot. We decided to go to the mall and catch a movie and hopefully cool off. To our huge disappointment, the air conditioning wasn’t working in the theater. OMG SO HOT.

After Monsters University, we somehow stumbled onto “The Brady Bunch Movie” from back in the 90s. This movie just makes me smile from start to finish. Some of it’s not exactly appropriate for an 11yo to see, but for the most part the parody is spot-on.

I remember seeing this movie with a ton of friends from Studio Guest Relations at Disney. We saw the movie at the still-new AMC 24 theaters at Downtown Disney and from the very first joke to the very last line, we laughed our tails off. The best part are the cameos: Ann B. Davis, Christopher Knight, Davy Jones (and Mickey and Peter from the Monkees), and Florence Henderson. I love it all: the costumes, the hair flips, the innuendo (something suddenly came up).

After the Brady Bunch, we landed on a Harry Potter marathon. HOLD. EVERYTHING. We were just at Hogwart’s at Universal Studios so I was totally all over this.

I’m regretting not getting my own wand. And a time turner. I really got into these books and movies, and being in the middle of it all at the theme parks was unbelievable. I had a dream about walking through the brick wall onto platform 9 3/4. Fine. It was two dreams. Also, Daniel Radcliffe gets more handsome with each movie, don’t you think? I think I have a problem.

Anywho. The movie we watched was the fourth one: “HP and the Goblet of Fire.” My daughter’s seen all of the movies at least twice. And she thinks the books are all better than the movies (*heart swells with pride*). However, my husband and I had only seen up to the 5th movie and although that one was great (Order of the Phoenix), we decided not to watch that one. I read my husband the imdb summary of the fifth movie to refresh his memory and the three of us decided to watch the final two movies in the series – HP and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 – later that evening.


We couldn’t wait.

So we put on HP and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 right then and we watched the whole damn thing. I’m not even certain I brushed my teeth that day, such was the frenzy of movie-watching.

Since we also have a four-year old who doesn’t give a flying chocolate frog about Harry Potter, we decided after five straight hours of selfish movie-watching to do something constructive that would involve and entertain her. Parents of the year, right here.

So we went to WalMart and got bikes! Little one already had a bike. And big sister has one, too, but her knees were bumping her chin so we thought it was time for a new one.


This is where we lived in Chicago. It used to be quite visible from the skyline, but new buildings obstruct it partly. We lived on the 25th floor for a few months and then the 14th floor for a year. TOTALLY AWESOME.

And my husband and I haven’t had bikes in forever. Like 1997, to be precise. The year we lived in Chicago, which was such a fantastic year. We biked all over that great city. But then we moved back to Orlando and hell if I can remember what ever became of our bikes.

So bikes it was! Small problem. We had three bikes to haul back home and my lame-mobile / nerd van / mommy car / not-a-Mustang, can’t take more than one bike at a time because of course it can’t. So I took one bike at a time, twice, and my husband rode his home. Worth noting: we only live two miles from the local WalMart. #winning

Goodness this is like my longest post ever. Are you still with me? Is anyone there? Couldn’t blame you if you left, but I’m pressing on.

So, bikes! I took the girls for ice cream, my husband rode home, we had dinner, went for a bike ride through the neighborhood, cleaned up a bit and then shuffled little one off to bed.

And then at 9:45pm, the three of us sat down to watch the MOST EPIC HARRY POTTER MOVIE OF THEM ALL. The one where everybody seems to die and what you thought you knew about everything is sort of turned all around. It was fantastic. Even though I’m probably the last one on the planet to see this movie, I shall warn of spoilers anyway.

Neville slicing the snake? Epic.

Mrs. Weasley calling Bellatrix a bitch? Fabulous.

Snape revealing his true love for Harry’s mother … and then the audience realizing that Snape wasn’t evil after all and that he was really trying to protect Harry all this time? Bittersweet.

Seeing them all 19 years later on platform 9 3/4 with their kids? Oh my goodness.

And that was our fantastic movie-watching weekend!


(footnote: I just realized I forgot one! We also watched “The Good Lie” with Reese Witherspoon. We watched it over two days. I have feelings about this one, so I’ll save it for another post. So, so good.)