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A New Challenge: #RWRunStreak

11224812_408135276058363_7373867020888507875_nBecause it’s been at least six months since my last run.

Because I like the way I feel after a run (not necessarily during a run).

Because I would kind of like to do another race.

Because I feel squishy.

Because I wore a bikini over Memorial Day weekend and I’d like to wear one again.

Because I really like cookies. And chips. And ice cream. OMG.

Because work has increased for me and while I’m grateful, exercise has not been a priority.

Because 41 days of continuous running – from Memorial Day to Fourth of July – is a good way to build a habit. (even though I missed the first two days because I was traveling)

Because running at least one mile per day is totally doable.



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  1. You’ll do great! Your plan is pointing you towards success; Dr. Phil says it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit – don’t know how he knows but he’s supposed to know everything, right? 😉 I’m finding my FitBit motivational, so I think we’ll both do great!! 🙂

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