A lot has happened since last I wrote!

  • The building of our house was completed!
  • We packed and moved to a new state!
  • We celebrated Christmas!
  • Enjoyed a visit from my folks and my sister-in-law!
  • Our girls started new schools!
  • A small snowfall shut the state down (basically) but the BONE CHILLING cold and winds are the worst I’ve ever experienced! (this includes 18 years growing up in New England, 18 months living in Chicago, and 8 years living in Syracuse – THE. WORST!)
  • I discovered a new appreciation for the exclamation point!

So much to tell and pictures to go with it all, I promise.

But for now, let me just say that we’ve settled into a new home and new routines and our girls are adjusting beautifully. So grateful for that.

In fact, today was my 10-year old’s second day of school and she invited two girls from our neighborhood over for a playdate. Did I have snacks? No. Did they care? No!

Again with the exclamation points.

New schools and new friends and playdates…and so it begins 🙂


Ringing in the New Year!