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Can A Cemetery Be Beautiful?

I think so. I know most people feel creeped out by cemeteries and admittedly, I do too sometimes. But more often than not, they intrigue me. It’s the final resting place for the body and, as I tell my girls, it’s a place where people go to remember those that have passed on.

55ca625b62a7cd1c2b24188cf0453a01One of the coolest cemeteries I’ve visited was in Sleepy Hollow New York. I wrote about it here a couple of years ago. The cemetery tour was incredibly interesting. We saw the graves of many familiar names like Andrew Carnegie, the Astors, and Washington Irving. I just love this photo of some of the older tombstones in the original part of the cemetery – many dating back to the 1700s. But what struck me during our fall visit was the colors of the trees and the landscape surrounding this peaceful place. It was gorgeous.


The Massachusetts cemetery where many of my family members are buried is surrounded by a four-foot high solid stone wall. The wall has got to be a half mile to a mile in length as it makes a right angle around two street lengths. It was constructed by a team of men, including my grandfather, about 70 years ago as part of the Works Progress Administration. There are areas in the cemetery that are sparse but toward the middle and in the older sections in the back are beautiful old trees that turn crimson and fiery orange and sunflower-yellow in these months. Although it holds sad memories for me, it’s still a beautiful cemetery.


Every day I drive the same circle of roads around the perimeter of our town. To and from preschool, middle school, after school activities, and various errands in between. I must pass this corner at least three times each day. Just this week, the colors stopped me cold. They were brilliant. I pulled to the side of the road and waited for a few cars to pass by and then snapped a few pictures. The sunlight on the leaves is particularly striking in the early morning when the dew is still fresh. These were taken a bit later in the morning, but I think they’re still beautiful. Almost like a warm, colorful blanket to keep you warm when the cold comes.

What do you think? Do cemeteries creep you out or do you find them peaceful and intriguing?




  1. Nice post! Me? Love cemetaries for the inspiration found in some of the beautifully carved headstones. Love the quiet. Love thinking about who these people were and how they lived. I wonder what advice they would give if they were able to tell me what they would do differently “next time”. The trees. There is nothing I don’t love about cemetaries.
    #mountauburncemetery #perelechaise #sleepyhollowauthorsridge

  2. Kim

    November 5, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    Thanks Carol. I think about that too. B’s preschool is at a church that’s listed on the national registry of historic places. Next to the church, just off the parking lot is a small cemetery. The headstones are from as far back as the early 1700s. Very fascinating. Makes you wonder who these first settlers of Delaware were, how they lived, and if they drove as horribly around rotaries as present day Delawareans. 🙂

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