Her name was Athena.

Of course, that wasn’t her real name. It was just her stage name. She oozed confidence and sensuality. Her long dark hair and delicate features complemented her slender and perfectly toned body. She was warm and easy to talk to. Someone perhaps I would have been friends with?

She would have no idea when she woke up that day that she would have such a profound impact on another person’s life. But she did. It wasn’t anything she did, although what she did was extraordinary. It wasn’t anything she said, although she spoke volumes.¬†Somehow we connected. Or maybe it was just me that connected. Either way,¬†it was transformative for me.

We all have defining moments in our lives. And for me, this was one of them. Something inside of me released. Let go.

Today, I feel lighter. Less burdened. And a little like….a Goddess.