eliz gilbert dream quoteHave I mentioned how very much I adore Elizabeth Gilbert?

Because I do.

She’s an incredible writer and her love of books and travel makes me fairly confident that when we finally meet in real life she and I will become instant BESTFRIENDSFOREVERANDEVER.


Earlier this week. she posed this thought on her Facebook page:


Let’s dream today, shall we? Nothing special about today. Just a random Tuesday in November. But let’s dream of awakening someday alone in a strange town, in a different part of the world.
We may or may not be able to get there — soon, or maybe even ever — but just for the pleasure dreaming, let’s all name today the one place in the world where we would someday love to wake up alone.
For me at the moment, it’s Kyoto, Japan. I can imagine awakening in a traditional guesthouse, in a hushed room, on a cherry tree-lined street, nearby a monastery, with a free day ahead of me to wander in a strange new town, slowly finding my way through a new world. Also, noodles awaiting me for lunch.
And you?

So…one place in the world where I would someday love to wake up alone…?


There are lots of places I want to visit, but right now, for whatever reason, my mind went to Italy.

I’ve never been, but oh it’s on my list.

source: Pixabay

source: Pixabay

I imagine waking early in the morning in a small blue house, which is nestled among hundreds of other houses, atop one of those sweeping hillside Italian village pictures you always see. The window in my room is open just enough to allow the smell of freshly baking bread to fill my senses and stir a little morning hunger. My plans? To walk the cobblestoned city streets, perhaps even rent a motorbike and travel the coastal highways. Eat the most glorious Italian pastas, soups, and desserts. Talk with some of the elder residents of a quaint village and breathe in their wisdom.

And of course, drink all the wine.

How about you?