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Getting Felt Up In The Haunted Mansion

So after spending the last few days visiting Disneyland, I had a flashback to a visit to Walt Disney World a few years ago. My husband and I worked there for many years and when our families would come to visit, we’d inevitably make a visit to the parks. This time, my folks were in town and we were at the Magic Kingdom with them and my sister.

We rode lots of rides, including the Haunted Mansion. If you’ve been on the ride then you know the cars are sort of like tilt a whirl cars. They spin slowly and turn backwards at some points.

Somehow another party of college-age kids (male and female) had boarded their cars in between our party. Which meant the people in front of and behind us were not people we knew.

Can you see where this is going?

Sharp turn, the individual cars turn backward and some kid reaches around his car and puts his hand squarely on my … um … BOOB.


Even more awkward was after I made it clear that I wasn’t who he thought I was, he didn’t move his hand right away.

Now, I should note that my husband was sitting right next to me and had no idea what was going on. It’s dark and loud and people are screaming.

When we got off the ride, I told my husband what had happened. I’d never seen him move faster. He found the kid and got all up in his face and all DontYouTouchMyWife.

And that was the day I was felt up in the Haunted Mansion by some poor college kid who was probably just trying to scare his girlfriend and instead got a handful of old lady boob.


  1. “Even more awkward was after I made it clear that I wasn’t who he thought I was…” LOL! The Sanpellegrino I was drinking when I read that almost ended up on my IPad screen – SO funny! Omg, love your Haunted Mansion story

    • Kim

      August 15, 2014 at 7:43 pm

      Thanks Carol – it was super awkward at the time, but funny to look back on. This happened a few years before Olivia was born…but it “haunts” me still. 😉

  2. No!!!! This story is priceless. I cannot believe that dude did not IMMEDIATELY retract his errant paw! I love that your husband found him and said something. Good grief, Disney Land!

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