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#MicroblogMondays: Dentists, Drugs, and the HolyLand

Drugs aren’t all bad.

Ok yes they are. But for the purposes of this tiny post (I wrote tiny to remind myself to KEEP IT SHORT and SWEET) let me just say that the pain meds you get at the dentist’s office aren’t horrible. Yes I know people get addicted and drugs are bad and all that but hear me out.

I had the last two of my four wisdom teeth out in 1992 when I was living and working in Orlando. I asked a good friend of mine to be my “designated driver” since the dentist wouldn’t even do the procedure if there wasn’t someone waiting to drive me home. Apparently the drugs were straight up serious.

The dentist’s office was located in what is now the Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando. And the friend that I asked to drive me to and from my appointment was a fellow backstage studio tour guide and actor at Disney. Several years later, he would go on to play Jesus at the HolyLand.

And yours truly had a teeny crush on the future son of God.


In my drug-induced state, all I remember is that I may have gotten a little handsy with future Jesus and I let him know my feelings.

I know what you’re thinking. My gauzy, slightly bloody, drooling mouth was quite the turn on. How could future Jesus resist, right?

He was a perfect gentleman. Just as you might expect someone who would ultimately be seated at the right hand of … well, you know … to be.

We dated for three months.

And my mouth healed perfectly.

Because JESUS.


  1. Kim, that’s a hysterical story, on so many levels! I can see a sitcom based on that whole premise. It would also make either the great opening scene of a book, or the climax (she says, trying to keep a straight face!). Thanks for sharing!

    • Kim

      August 18, 2016 at 6:40 pm

      Oh Steph thanks! It really was comical – he was such a great guy. Sorry to have lost touch with him 🙂

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