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My Daughter, The Spice Girl

Both my girls love music. I like to think it’s the musical influence on my side of the family shining through to the next generation. Really, it’s probably attributable to the fact that we listen to all kinds of music in the car and at home.

Either way, my girls love Taylor Swift and all the Top 40 stuff. They know some country and some classic songs. For the love of all that is good and decent, they know who Paul McCartney is. And they know some 80s and 90s tunes, which makes me smile. Heck, they even know jingles from the latest commercials – next to singing the entire song, their favorite commercial is “Nationwide is on your side…”

But this morning my little one came out singing a new song. She had the tune right and the majority of the words were correct for a three-year old.

And then I got a little closer and heard what she was really saying. And that’s when I realized I had a spice girl on my hands.

At the top of her lungs she was singing, “But I’m only CUMIN….”

So close.


  1. lol! B is so funny! “This isn’t the Spice Girls? nevermind”

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