You know that app on Facebook – “On This Day” – that shows you what was happening on that day in year’s past? Well, I love it. It’s reminding me of special memories and funny quotes. It also reminds me of how quickly time is passing.

10311773_10205706715090369_3750647813890276728_nToday’s “On This Day” memory featured some shots from my older daughter’s cheer banquet last year. It was such a fun evening and a great way for the girls to cap off a great cheer season.

1379589_10202802157998257_879308508_nThere was also a memory from two years ago, in 2013, when she was cheering on the football team in the post-season as they made their way to the Superbowl. I guess I didn’t realize how much cheer was a part of our lives for the two and a half years we lived in New Jersey. I admit I was skeptical at first, but she took to it immediately. And she was quite good. She never made the top of the pyramid because she was too tall, but she was an excellent base as she lifted her friends to the glory position.

My daughter misses her friends in New Jersey, but she’s finding her way here in Delaware. And thanks to social media and texting she keeps in touch with many of them.

For two seasons, cheer was her main focus. Now? It’s the theater. This is crunch week for her as she and the cast prepare for opening night this Friday and five subsequent shows this weekend. I can’t wait to write about her play this weekend. I’m so proud of all the late nights and memorizing and hard work she’s put in. She’s really given it her all – just like she did for cheer.