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Any writer worth their salt has read this book. It was written by William Zinsser, who died today at the age of 92 ~ what a good, long life!

I read his phenomenal best-seller, “On Writing Well”, years ago. In fact, I checked it out of the library repeatedly for years. Why I never bought a copy of my own is a mystery.

20150513_222130But a few years ago, my cousin sent me the newly revised book and I couldn’t have been happier to finally have this book permanently on my bookshelf.

His greatest lessons?

Write simply.

Write succinctly.

Don’t use jargon or unnecessarily large words.

Choose descriptive words.

At his urging, I’ve been trying to stop using the words “very” and “really.” I mean, c’mon. There are so many better words, right?

He was a brilliant man and an exceptional writer whose words helped others find their own. I’m still learning from him. I’m proud that my copy has dog-eared pages and notes scribbled in the margins.

Thank you, Mr. Zinsser.

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  1. 🙂 Lesson learned. I’m guilty of over-using “extremely”. I’ll be mindful now, but I guess it’s better than using “wicked”

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