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Open Adoption Blog Hop #4: What’s the Last Book You Read?

I’m not afraid to admit the last book I read was “Bad Habits” by Jenny McCarthy. What can I say? The woman makes me laugh.


Each month the Open Adoption Blog Hop poses a different question to get us bloggers talking so we can get to know one another and meet new bloggers. When I saw this month’s topic, I cringed at first. I figured I should be reading something really classy like Anna Karenina or something by Jane Austen. But no. In all honesty, the last book I finished was on my Kindle and it was “Bad Habits.”

And I loved it.

For those who don’t know, Jenny was raised in a very strict Catholic home. She attended Catholic school and confused all the nuns and a few priests with her incessant questioning of Catholic doctrine. It just didn’t make sense to her. She talks about the guilt she felt when she posed for Playboy. And about how much she tried to reconcile being a good girl and trying to get into heaven when everyone around her – priests included – were living a less than saintly life.

She loves Jesus and still has her faith, but she isn’t tied to a particular church right now. She’s more spiritual and has adopted many practices of the Buddhist tradition. But she holds true to her roots in the traditions of Catholicism – rather than the rigid man-made rules that she believes are confusing and misleading.

She also tells one especially hilarious story about how she got to wear the Pope’s hat. I am so not kidding here. She was with a bunch of other playmates at a shoot in Italy and, well, you’ll have to read about it.

This book made me laugh so hard tears rolled down my face. A book hasn’t done that for me in…um…a book has NEVER done that to me!

Stop judging me and go pick up a copy. Trust me. You’ll love it.

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  1. Sometimes a fluffy book that makes you laugh is just what’s needed. 🙂

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