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Think Purple: What I would change about the NFL

I love football. Really, I do. Although Brady is my quarterback, I can appreciate the talents of the Mannings. The Patriots are my team, but I’ll also root for other teams when New England isn’t playing. It’s not the actual sport that I love. I’ve never really played football, but I understand the rules and I’ve learned a lot from my football-loving husband over the years about plays and strategies and the like. And oh my goodness I’m even trying my hand at the whole Fantasy Football thing this season. (side note: it’s completely overwhelming.)

No, I like football for what it makes me think about: crisp, fall days; high school marching bands; referee whistles; bonfires; autumn leaves; college days.

I’ll often turn on a game and leave it on as background noise. If Al Michaels is announcing, then all the better (TMI alert: sexiest voice on TV, in my opinion).

I’m not the wife that despises Sundays, Monday nights or even Thursday nights. And now I can add Saturdays to the mix because I’m getting more and more involved with college football as we watch our alma mater become a powerhouse.

Yes, football gives me a good feeling and it makes me think about lots of my favorite things.

But there’s one thing I would change.

Every fall for the last I don’t know how many years, the NFL has turned pink in October for breast cancer awareness. I’m all for more awareness, but I think there are other ways to create awareness of breast cancer without a 250-pound linebacker donning pink sneakers.

Instead, what I would *love* to see the NFL do this fall is turn purple for domestic violence awareness.

Think about it.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a campaign wherein the players, coaches, referees, trainers, cheerleaders, and fans stand firm against domestic violence with a “Not In My House” mantra?

I’m not saying we should get rid of the NFL Pink Campaign. I think it’s brought tremendous awareness to men and women about this deadly disease.

I just think it’s time for the NFL to shift their focus a bit, especially in light of recent events. We can still wear pink. But I’d love to see us wear purple, too.

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  1. Oh, Kim – you have a fantastic idea! If you could get it circulating, I can see it picking up steam to become a reality. Great post!

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