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Ready, Steady, GO

My littlest one started kindergarten last week and I am so very proud of her. If you had asked me a few days before she started if I was sad, like a few of my mom friends, I would have said (emphatically) no!


I guess I am a little sad. It’s a bittersweet feeling. This is my last first day of kindergarten and I guess I’m just trying to savor every little moment.

But I’m also really excited for her. She’s going to grow in so many ways. She’s kind and friendly and outgoing and although she gets a little bit nervous, I know she’s just going to thrive.

Two weeks ago was the last full week with no summer camp, no vacation and no plans before school starts. We had a “meet your bus driver” day, which we completely effed up. We overslept. I’d heard my husband’s alarm go off at 6 but promptly fell right back asleep.

My 12 year old’s bus comes at 6:55. She wanted to be out there to meet her bus driver and find out what bus number she had. We woke at 6:45am. Omg.

She quickly went to her assigned bus stop. I followed behind as soon as I could  get myself together (translation: put a bra on and grab my eyeglasses. #sexy). I leashed up the dog and headed out the door leaving my 5 year old still sleeping.

After she met her driver we went home and woke my 5 year old for breakfast. At 8:10 a.m. at the same bus stop, the three of us walked out to meet little one’s bus. She is SO EXCITED TO RIDE THE BUS. Ever since she saw her big sister get on a school bus four years ago, she’s been dying for her turn. 

When the bus pulled up on its trial run of the neighborhood, she ran right up the steps and greeted the driver with a big smile. She walked the aisle of the bus to check things out and then she stopped for a quick picture with the bus driver. The driver asked her name, her age, and if she was ready for kindergarten. My girl, with a smile that went from ear to ear said with her signature lisp, “Yeth!”


Later that day, we played a card game she created. It’s based on the game “War” but the cards are hot pink and instead of numbers, there are symbols which she created. I wasn’t privy to the hierarchy of the cards so I just let her call the shots. She told me that just like in War we flip our cards at the same time.

Every time she flipped a card she looked at me with those big greenish blueish eyes and said, “Ready? … Steady ….GO!”

I love how she said it with such conviction.

I know shes ready. I’m just not sure I am.

She’s going to do amazing things I just know it.

Here’s both my girls on their first day of school last week. Ready, Steady, Go 🙂





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  1. Such a cute story 🙂 – cute pics too!

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