Lately, our free time has been spent running lines with my older daughter as she prepares for her role as “Lucy” in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

We’ve read through the script so many times that if Charlie Brown or Linus or even Snoopy gets sick, I’m pretty sure I or my four year old daughter could step in. I’m not kidding. I am utterly amazed at the memory my little one possesses. She is reciting back these lines word for word – and with the emphasis and body language in the right place. And not just in some of the scenes. She does this for virtually ALL of the scenes. I think she might be a natural.

She loves to help us practice but, understandably, it throws my older daughter off. Unbelievably, she knows most of her sister’s lines as well as the other characters.

So I’ve asked her to be quiet – right up to the scene in the auditorium. It’s just too cute to not let her do it.

The scene: The auditorium.┬áThe rehearsal is about to start. Lucy has just handed out the scripts and she’s now telling Snoopy that he will need to be all of the animals in the play. Right hand to God, she does Snoopy perfectly.

Lucy: “Snoopy, you’ll have to be all the animals in our play. Can you be a sheep?”

Snoopy (my four year old): “Baa-aaa.”

Lucy: “How about a cow?”

Snoopy: “MOOOOOOOO…..”

Lucy: “How about a penguin?”

Snoopy: (Walks around with hands at his side, feet together, just like a penguin.)

Lucy: “Yes, he’s even a good penguin.”

Goodness. I think I need to take advantage of her strong memory abilities and start teaching her the presidents. Or the state capitals. Or the world capitals.

Or maybe I’ll just enroll her in community theater like her big sister.

You never know when they’ll need a penguin.

I’ll keep you posted.


source: Pixabay