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The Best Day, In 100 Words

This is part of Microblog Monday, thanks to Lori Holden, and also a post in response to a 100-word challenge from two blogger friends, and Ashley. Brevity isn’t my strong suit; I was pleased to see this was exactly 100 words. Well, you know, except for this disclaimer. Omg. 

The best day is the one when we don’t do much of anything.

Lounging, lazily.

Snoozing intermittently.


Cuddling warmly.

Building Lego towers skillfully.

Snuggling after a bubble bath.

I love to watch him teach the girls.

I love to hear her sing the ABCs with her little lisp.

I love to watch her grown-up hands color masterpieces with new crayons.

I love cooking dinner for them, even though the chicken may be dry.

A walk in the neighborhood. A swim at the pool. A bedtime story. A kiss goodnight.

My husband and my girls.

These are the best days.


  1. I love that I saw some of these on social media!

    It’s such a gift to have those days where you have lots of space and time to fill with whatever.

  2. Day sounds nice, and congrats – it’s concise!

  3. The dry chicken made me smile! Ain’t that the truth?

  4. It sounds like the perfect day. One I hope you get often.

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