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There was a moment when I looked over at him pedaling next to me and my breath caught.

The mountains towered behind him. The sun was shining. And his smile just lit up the space. My son and I were riding bikes side by side through Yosemite Valley and all was right with the world. I didn’t snap a picture with my phone, but it’s an image I’ll remember forever.

I always have my camera/phone tucked neatly away on some part of my body. Front or back pocket, or in this case, shoved non-ladylike down the front of my shorts. The reason for my indiscretion (and possible grossness) is to prevent it from falling out and smashing to smithereens as my legs and body adjusted to the hilly and uneven landscape of the Valley floor. But I had to bring it with me. The images I captured when I stopped on the side of the road were so spectacular.


The two bike rides during our week-long camping adventure were definitely a highlight of this trip for me. Yosemite is unlike any other place on Earth. The scenery we discovered with every turn made me gape with awe and wonder. Experiencing it all from the vantage point of a rental bike made it all the more organic and natural. I love the freedom a bike provides.

But I quickly realized I couldn’t take pictures and ride the bike at the same time. So I made the choice to be in the moment instead. You can’t go wrong with a little Eckhart Tolle and living in the NOW. Am I right?

I watched a movie years ago. Hallmark, probably. Where a woman was lamenting over forgetting her camera for an important family event. Her grandmother smiled and nodded and told her to take pictures with her heart instead.

So on this day, in this moment, the sight that was most breathtaking for me was that of my 25-year old son. In a place that was such a strong part of his childhood, but was all new to me. He was smiling and carefree. And he was riding right beside me.

My heart snapped a great picture.


  1. I am so, so thrilled for you and this experience y’all shared!!

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