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There’s A Bed In Our Living Room

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For real.

We’ll be moving in about six weeks and so our current home is in quite a state of disarray. Boxes are filled with bubble-wrapped pictures, leaving our walls empty and bare. Stickers have been scraped off the refrigerator, much to the dismay of my three-year old. And there is a mattress and box spring on the floor of our living room.

Back story: Our ten-year old is getting a new bedroom set as a result of this move. The set will be delivered to our new home, but we had the mattress come now. We’re giving her old set to her little sister and we’re trying to sell the little one’s crib/toddler bed and dresser, with no luck. The thought process was that we’d get rid of the crib and dresser and then put the mattress and box spring on the floor in little one’s room for the girls to have sleepover parties together.

But the crib and dresser are still here.  And thus, the set-up in the living room.

It’s good and it’s bad, I guess. The good part is the girls are having fun sleeping together in the living room.

The bad part is, my husband and I can’t watch Breaking Bad because we only have Netflix on our living room tv.

First world problems, bitches.

(Omg no offense. Just a Breaking Bad reference.)


  1. Bad BB withdrawal, I’m sure. We couldn’t wait to finish dinner every night for our BB binge fest!

    • Kim

      November 5, 2014 at 4:02 pm

      So true. At this point, I want to slow it down a bit because I don’t want the series to end just yet. I really like Jessie. John thinks I’m weird, but I do. He has a good heart. And dreamy eyes.
      We’re on Season 3 and it’s SO good…

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