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Tight Shot … Wide Shot

One of the new friends I met at BlogHer14 was the wonderful Ashley Garrett, also known as “Baddest Mother Ever.” Can I just say how much I love the title of her blog? She clarifies it, too, by saying she’s not the “worst” mother … just the “baddest” mother.


Anyway, she had a great post called “Tight Shot Wide Shot”┬áthe other day that made me stop and think about how much is shared on social media. Whether it’s a gorgeous plate of food on Instagram or something super-crafty that appears (in perfect form of course) on Pinterest or just what we normally post on Twitter or Facebook, we *all* tend to put our best foot forward by posting things that make us look like we have our shit together.

When we all know that we all most certainly do not.

OK, fine. Maybe it’s just me. But still, I loved the way she framed her post. She posted a “tight” shot of something up close that was really interesting and fascinating. And then she posted the “wide” shot that showed the real picture. I’m all for real-ness, here. No Photoshop for me, baby.

So here’s my tight shot:


The top of my little one’s dresser. A lovely white lamp with delicate flowers on the pink-trimmed shade. And her equally as delightful princess jewelry box. Ah, sugar and spice and everything nice, right?

Now here’s the wide shot:





In this one shot I see her (pink) Strawberry Shortcake baseball bat, her (pink) guitar, her (pink) sleeping bag and various (pink) items of clothing. Sense a color theme here?

As fun as this was for me, on a more serious note it’s forcing me to think about how I see things. And also how I choose to show pictures. Does everything always have to be perfect? Flawless? Uncluttered? Pinterest-worthy?

Good stuff, Baddest Mother Ever. Thank you.


    • Kim

      September 9, 2014 at 5:07 pm

      Thanks Karen. I thought it was great inspiration. Also, there were so many things to choose from in my super-cluttered house!

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