these are the daysRave: My little one used her Legos and built a flying cruiseship. All by herself. No doubt, she was inspired by the fact that we found an old episode of the Love Boat on a classic TV channel. She’s brilliant!

Rave: I cried the ugly cry when I read “The Fault in Our Stars” last year and I cried when I saw it in the movie theater last summer. And despite knowing what happens, I cried again the other night when my husband wanted to watch it. And for that, I celebrate John Greene and his brilliance as a Young Adult author. Pass the Kleenex.

Rave: Speaking of movies, we recently watched “The Majestic” for the millionth time. It’s one of my most favorite movies. I love Jim Carrey in almost anything (although, confession: I never saw any of the Ace Ventura movies), and he is spectacular in this. When my husband and I first saw it years ago, it was our little dream to own a movie theater like the Majestic. And now we live near a theater that’s very similar to the one in the film.

Rave: At 7pm Sunday night, our school district made the decision to have a delayed opening on Monday morning due to predictions of icy roadways. Good call….however…

Rant: The Delaware DOT failed to clear/salt the main and back roads, which forced the school district to cancel all classes on Monday. This is the 6th school closing of the year and the 4th since January! Side note: our state is not very good at clearing snow and ice from roadways and salting appropriately. And when I say “not very good”, I mean they suck at it. Being the “agitator” that I am, I sent a little note to the local paper suggesting they write a piece about how our kids are missing a growing number of school days for reasons directly attributable to DelDOT’s lack of resources and manpower. A story ran just yesterday 🙂

Rave: Our 10yo is attending the state-mandated sex ed classes at her school. Although she feels some of it is “creepy” and “weird”, she’s talking with us and asking questions. We started this conversation years ago so for that, I’m giving a virtual high-five to my husband.

Rant: The Dept of Justice report about the Ferguson Police Department just came in and I can’t even. Anyone that thinks we live in a post-racial society is delusional. For real. This is horrifying.

Rave: I love “The Voice.” I love Adam Levine (especially after what he and his band did for a young fan who suffered a panic attack) and I love Blake Shelton’s humor and I love Pharrell Williams’ classiness and coolness and I totally want to be Christina Aguilera for a day.

Anything you want to rant or rave about? 🙂