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We left early this morning and drove three hours to Connecticut for the UCF – UConn game. Rain, high winds and cold temps were in the forecast so we dressed appropriately: layer upon layer of shirts and sweaters; tights for the girls, long underwear for the husband; heavy socks, snow boots, gloves, hats, winter coats and a rain poncho to keep us dry.

We looked awesome.


UCF did well, but ultimately lost.

We fought the good fight and stayed as long as the girls could stand it. Little one didn’t mind being cold and wet.


She carefully climbed down the stands and then waved to us.

But our older daughter did. While she didn’t complain, she was clearly shivering and uncomfortable. 

We decided to leave at the half and in the warmth of our heated car we followed the rest of the game on Twitter.

And we decided that our next game will be at UCF’s Brighthouse Stadium in Orlando 🙂


  1. True fans – and you DID look awesome lol!

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